The Bourke Group Real Estate Scoop – September 2016 Edition

Late Summer Tips to Ready Your Home for Fall
Fall is fast approaching, and with it, the need for home maintenance. According to experts, the most important tasks for late summer are:Painting the ExteriorLower humidity and cooler temperatures make late summer and early fall ideal times to paint the exterior of the home.Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

Clear all drainage areas of leaves and debris, and consider installing gutter guards.

Inspecting the Roof

Hire a licensed professional to examine the roof for wear and tear. (If the shingles are buckling, cracking or curling, it is time to replace them.) Be sure the professional assesses the flashing around chimneys, pipes and/or skylights.

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September Market Update2016-09-sept-tmire

The housing market cooled in July as inventory remains at inadequate levels in many regions, particularly in the starter-home category. Affordability appears to be impacting prospective buyers despite near record-low mortgage rates. After several consecutive months of steady growth, home sales declined over the year prior for the first time since November 2015.
Interest Rates

Interest rates remain near all-time lows. Mortgage rates have remained flat; however, Fed Chair Janet Yellen has hinted that conditions are such that an increase in the interest rate may be coming later in the year.


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