The Bourke Group Real Estate Scoop – July 2016 Edition

10 Ways to Save Money around the Housemoney-house-570x172_c

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Homeowners and renters across the country can save money around their homes using little time and effort. From DIY projects to changing certain habits, everyone can take advantage of some or all of these easy tips.



1. Smart Thermostats

You blast you’re A/C in the summer and crank your heat in the winter all in the name of achieving a comfortable temperature inside your home. A great way to save hundreds throughout the year is to invest in a smart thermostat – no more adjusting your thermostat throughout the day and wasting energy and money.

2. Low-Flow

Wasting water during baths and showers means your money is literally going down the drain. Replacing old and outdated shwerheads with new low-flow models could shave upwards of $100 off your annual water bill. Don’t be fooled by the name – most low-flow shower heads still provide excellent water pressure!

3. More is Less

An easy tip that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run is to pay a little extra on your mortgage payment each month. Any additional money you spend above and beyond your normal monthly payment will go directly towards principle and save you tons of money in the long run in interest.

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July 2016 Market Update 
Home sales in May accelerated for the third consecutive month, reaching levels not seen since early 2007. Strong demand and sustained ultra-low mortgage rates continue to overpower constrained inventory levels and a rising median sales price.
Interest Rates
Interest rates decreased slightly from the month prior and remain at historically low levels. Mortgage rates have recently declined due to increased uncertainty surrounding the global economy prompted by the UK voting to leave the European Union.


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